Thursday, February 14, 2013

So Many Valentines!

I wrote this little story when my children were smaller.  I love that I have so many Valentines.  Happy Valentines Day!

                                                         DOWN TO THE BASEMENT

                                                             By Laura J. Marshall

Momma was downstairs, 

in the basement.

Down into the dark she went.

The stairs creaked as she left.

We sat there and waited.

At the top of the stairs.

Smelling wet cobwebs and dust.

And the lingering scent of Momma's perfume.

We looked at each other.

The three of us uncertain.

Would she ever come up from down there?

We had been playing knights with swords and pretend dragons.

Wearing all of our bravery on our sleeves and within moments, we agreed to a rescue.

There was a thrill down our spines with each step we took.

The darkness was really quite thick.

Visions of snakes and scary beasts came into our minds.

We clung to our oldest brother's arm.

"We're coming."     "We will save you!"   "Are you there?"

The whirring of the washer could be heard from the landing.

It drew us closer, as did our dear mother's voice.


When she saw us, she smiled.

"My knights in shining armor!"

With a wave of her arm she neatly folded the warm towels, hot from the dryer.

"Do you think brave knights, with your swords, you could get that spider over there,” she asked, glancing over her shoulder.

One of my brothers let out a holler, Ahhhhhhhhhgggggg!

Of which we all followed suit.

Heading up, up, up away from the smelly smell,

and the dust

and the darkness,


Catching our breath and with a grin to our comrades in arms,

We sat there and waited at the top of the stairs.

Would she ever come up from down there?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Day Plan Your Gift

It was approaching mid-January when I realized some of my writing goals for the New Year had already taken a backseat to the busyness of life.  I tried to focus and regain my footing, again trying to stick to the 2-hour time block I had allotted.  The time seemed to increasingly become frittered away with the many aspects of writing that had nothing to do with the actual craft. 

As I prayed and pondered for a solution, my eyes fell on a Christmas gift I received.  With "For I Know the Plans I Have for You, Psalm 29:11" emblazoned on the cover of the unopened 2013 leather-bound Day Planner, I took it as a sign.

Each day since, I have used this book to "Plan my Gift".  It's not boasting to walk in the gifting God has given you.  Work it it into your life.  It may not pay you anything monetarily, at the moment.  You may still be in the foundation building stage.  Remember, the higher the building, the deeper and wider the foundation needs to be.  What's your gift?  Plan it into your days.

I've noticed general categories as I write in my planner.  They include Service, Heavenly Perspective, Foundation Building, Walking in Gift, and Oh-no's (things that may not have to do with my gift, but I tend to forget and are important).

A typical day looks like this:
  • Read Word/Prayer/Worship (Heavenly Perspective)
  • Finish writing last chapter of _____ book (Walking in Gift)
  • Read manuscript of so-and-so (Service and Foundation Building)
  • Edit my manuscript (Walking in Gift)
  • Work on Excel list for CrossReads (Service and Foundation Building)
  • Read a few pages of _____ book on writing craft (Foundation Building)
  • Feed and walk neighbors dog (Service and Oh-no)  

I don't have a 2-hour time span anymore.  I have had days when I've listed the same task repeatedly day after day and this gives me reason to wonder.  What is it about this task I am having a hard time with or this project that I don't want to face?  This teaches me and causes me to reevaluate. 

God has increased the productivity of my days and has poured forth His blessings on my creativity as I humbly put all of my time into His hands and He directs my steps.  He has, after all, given me a precious gift.  Who am I to let it lie dormant to the hands of busyness, time, and a distracted mind?

Having doubts about your dream?  Visit:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Sunday Reading #AmWriting

I'm a writer and a reader.  I love books!  I usually have about 3 or 4 books I am in the midst of reading at any given time.  I also love to write.

Sunday Reading is a new feature I'll be having once a month.

Join In

Christian Writers:  Leave a quick blurb in the comments about what you're writing and the genre. Did you just release a book?  We want to know.  Feel free to add your website, blog, and book links in the comments.

Christian Readers:  Discover exciting new books or an author to keep an eye on in the genre you love.  Come back to check out new authors/comments.  Tell us what you love to read or see featured in a favored book!

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