Thursday, November 20, 2014

Enough - Thanksgiving Blog Hop

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The bills are stacking up, the car needs tires, the house payment is late...

Stop. Screech! Put the brakes on. 

We can, all of us, focus on our problems and lack. There never seems to be quite enough or an end to the toil of our days.

But today, this upcoming week, Thanksgiving... 

Let's take the opportunity to count our blessings.

While the world around us tells (or screams) that we need to buy, decorate, and have more than enough, an excess, to celebrate...we can take some time out to focus on the precious things in our lives we tend to take for granted.

As I sit here, with my children due home and a quiet moment stolen, to be thankful for:

The breath in my lungs.
The precious lives of my husband, children, and family.
The warmth of dear friends, near and far, and God's care over us all.

My prayers are with those whose hearts are still healing from loss of loved ones and those without family close by. Let's all reach beyond ourselves this Thanksgiving and Christmas to extend hope, love, and charity.


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