Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A Psalm

Since I was born, You have watched over me all the days of my life.
You sang goodness and love over me.
You rejoiced when I rejoiced and cried with me through heartbreak.
You comforted me.
You are my rock and my salvation.
A firm foundation in the shifting sands of life.
As temporal loves and distractions drew me away, you waited patiently.
You were kinder to me than I deserved.
Your grace and goodness made me jealous to be in Your presence. It drew me back.
The weight of your love covered me like a lofty down blanket.
In your presence, I long to linger and dwell.
Surely goodness and mercy shall be with me all the days of my life.
I will sing your praise in my innermost being.
Joy overflows and you become my hiding place and shield.
The ground where I walk, you walk.
What I see through my eyes, you see.
My God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit dwell within.
You consecrate me for your name’s sake early in the morning and all day long.
When I seek you, you say, ‘Here I am” and reassure me.
There is no doubt of your love.
You are for me.
Your answer is Yes and Amen.
A perfect love that casts out all fear.
In you, I move and have my being.
The breath from your mouth fills my lungs.
I become as a child again in my trust of You.
You pick me up and carry me.
You swing me around, holding me firm with strong hands, your laughter mingling with my own delight.
And even though I long to share the richness of Your beauty and majesty, part of me covets our closeness.
It is the greatest delight of my life.
The works of man’s hands may distract for a time, but nothing compares to My God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.
Three in one.
Three in me.

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