Book Quotes

Quotes from Laura's Books:

I heard a whisper. Was it my name on the wind?
“If you’re real, you better prove it soon. You’re almost too late.” I hung there suspended, almost expecting an answer. I shouted again to the clear blue sky, to the metal and the hot gravel at my hands, “Show me. Show me, Jesus, how life with you could be different.” ~All the Angels Stood

He’d changed into a tan sweater right before dinner and sitting there leaning casually back in his chair, he looked like some decadent chocolate dessert. ~Lainey Sparks

My heart’s been broken a long time. It seems it finds some hope in remembering your face. ~A Christmas Coffee

Decidedly, he nodded to himself in the mirror, determining to win her affection if it took every heartfelt trick in the book. Good thing it was small town and he knew her routine. Her schedule was as predictable as Mrs. Owen’s cat’s birthing schedule, filling the small town with orange tabbies for seven years now. One in every farm house and store front. Speaking of which, Casper jumped up and into the sink as Dash finished shaving. “Gotta go woo yer momma,” he whispered conspiringly to the round, purring beast. ~Faith, Love, and Fried Chicken

The wind whipped up and blew Tara’s long dark hair about her face, obscuring her first view of the inside of the castle. ~Persistent Love 

The intruder glanced toward the bed, meeting her startled gaze as she peered from beneath the coverlet. ~Persistent Love

She leaned almost imperceptibly towards the Duke, enunciating her words perfectly. “I am not English property yet.” ~A Heart's Home

“I-I never did fit in.”
“You’ll fit just fine here.”
Asyra looked at her then, deeply into her grandmother’s blue eyes, so like her own.
“No, I won’t.”
~A Heart's Home

Satan will ask to sift the Judas’ as well as the Peters’ and Jobs’. ~A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome Fear 

I could have laughed at my ridiculousness had I not wanted to cry at the fear.  It was back.  What was devastating to me was that it wasn’t just something I could gaze at from afar, but it gripped my heart unexpectedly and frightened me to the core. ~A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome Fear

Look up at the sky.  Notice the trees stretching so tall, reaching up just to touch the hem of the Guest of Honor. ~A Mom's Battle Cry for Rest

Preparation and voicing your intent are needed, for you and many times for those around you. ~A Mom's Battle Cry for Rest

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